eFaas: The key to digital Maldives

Welcome to eFaas, the National Digital Identity service of the Maldives. As a nation that has always embraced new technology, we recognize the importance of secure and interoperable digital services and personal data. In today’s world, the increased dependence on digital and online services has made it vital to balance convenience and ease of use with safety and security.

That’s where eFaas comes in. Developed and maintained by the National Centre for Information Technology (NCIT), eFaas allows users to establish and verify their identity digitally both in-person and online. Our goal is to provide a trusted platform that ensures the safety and security of your digital identity.

At NCIT, we believe that eFaas is the key to a digital Maldives. Our goal is to provide a trusted platform that ensures the safety and security of your digital identity, making eFaas the cornerstone of digital development for the Maldives. We are committed to continuously improving our services to meet the evolving needs of our users. Thank you for choosing eFaas as your trusted digital identity service.

Easy, Empowering and Secure

With eFaas, users can easily create a unified digital credential, providing them with convenient access to various government and public sector digital services. With online and in-person verification of identity, a verified eFaas can be created within minutes without leaving your seat.

At NCIT, we are committed to enabling organisations move away from traditional methods of handling personal data. eFaas’ consent-based data sharing approach ensures that users are aware of the information that is stored and shared about them, between various organisations and government agencies. By increasing transparency, our goal is to support the ongoing efforts towards empowering users while building a digital Maldives.

Our secure gateway keeps personal information safe and secure from online threats such as phishing and identity theft. By verifying user legitimacy, eFaas enables organisations to deter fraudulent behaviour and cyber-crime. eFaas Mobile enables users to move away from SMS and Email based 2FA and practice MFA, password less QR Code based authentication, and secure One Tap access on your mobile devices.

With eFaas, users can enjoy the convenience of seamless access to digital services, while organisations can trust that authoritative data is kept safe and secure. Thank you for choosing eFaas as your trusted partner in digital identity.


Your key to a digital Maldives

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