eFaas: The key to digital Maldives

Maldives has always been a nation that welcomes and embraces new technology. As the interactions between people, businesses, and the government shift towards digital platforms, the secure interoperability of digital services and personal data in the country has become vital. This increased dependence on digital and online services comes with its own risks, especially with respect to a user’s digital identity. Hence, convenience and ease of use must be balanced with safety and security to ensure trust and confidence in these services.

eFaas is the National Digital Identity service which allows users to establish and verify their identity digitally both in-person and online. This service is developed and maintained by the National Centre for Information Technology.

Easy, Empowering and Secure

With eFaas, users can easily create a unified digital credential and use it to access various government and public sector digital services with convenience. eFaas allows users to digitally verify themselves using eFaas Mobile Application or in-person at eFaas verification service counters.

eFaas provides a secure gateway that keeps personal information safe and secure from online threats such as phishing and identity theft. Organisations can also ensure the legitimacy of users which helps in deterring fraudulent behaviour and cyber-crime.

eFaas also enables organizations to move away from traditional methods of handling personal data, to a consent-based data sharing approach. By making the data sharing process consensual and visible, we aim to keep users aware of the information that is stored and shared about them between various organisations and government agencies. Our goal is to increase transparency in the ongoing efforts towards building a digital Maldives.

Currently eFaas operates in partnership with more than 50 government agencies and public sector organisations. We aim to integrate more services to the platform with the vision of propelling the digital economy and usher in a truly digital Maldives.


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