Your key to a digital Maldives
eFaas is the Maldives' National Digital Identity, enabling you to identify yourself in-person and online, unlocking a world of digital possibilities.
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Conveniently create your own verified ID to use across multiple public sector services.


Track and manage how your personal information is shared and maintained by official registrars.


Safeguard your identity and assure your data's safety with biometrics and multi-factor authentication.


Digital service portals


Active users


Mobile app users

Digital ID Card

With the national digital ID card or digital driver's licence from eFaas, you can digitally prove your identity in person. Designed with privacy and transparency in mind, eFaas ensures that only the information required for the scenario is shared.

Digital Services

Access government agencies and businesses at your fingertips. Prove your identity digitally to access online services provided by government and public sector agencies.

Foreigners too

eFaas allows foreigners accessing services from the Maldives, to establish a verified digital identity backed by official documents from their home country.

All in one place

All in one place

The national gateway to secure and verified personal information sharing to and from authoritative sources


See your family profile at a glance


An overview of your business registrations


View your health insurance records


Check your employment history

One Tap Login

Conveniently access many affiliated online services with a single tap without having to remember or type user names and passwords.

Receive timely notifications

Receive messages, notifications, and alerts in one inbox from different participating public and private agencies.

Biometric verification

Verify your identity with just a quick glance at your face using the eFaas mobile apps biometric self-verification features.

Passwordless Login

Scan the QR code at eFaas login prompts to access services without ever typing in your username or password.


Your key to a digital Maldives

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